Alayne Smith
Young Adult Author
Q & A
Q: What type of author are you?

A:  I enjoy writing historical fiction.

Q: Who are your intended readers?

A:  High school students

Q: What have you written?

A:  I have completed my first manuscript; its title is Ellen and the Three Predictions.

Q: What is it about?

A:  Ellen and the Three Predictions tells the story of eighteen-year-old Ellen Jones and the predictions of Luella, a seer in the small town of Marshall, Alabama. Old Luella predicts that Ellen will defend the beauty, foil a dictator, and find the soldier. When Ellen reads the predictions after her mother’s unexpected death, this all seems quite far-fetched. This young adult novel is set against the changing cultural and political landscape of the early 1960s, and it traces Ellen’s emergence into young adulthood.